Covering Certificates

Elite Stallions is proud to be the only semen agency offering automated, online covering certificates.


No more waiting for paper certificates to arrive or misplacing them - certificates are now sent directly to the studbook of your

choice, by email, for a hassle-free registration process. 


The process is simple - watch the video below for a step-by-step guide!


Specialised covering certificates are sent for each studbook.

If you plan to register with a studbook not listed, simply select 'Other' to receive the original copy of the certificate to send on to the studbook

of your choice. For most studbooks, the original, stamped certificate will be sent directly to the studbook headquarters, while you will

receive a copy. This is for security reasons so that the original certificates cannot be lost or duplicated.


For AES certificates, you will receive the original with the ID chart attached, while the AES will receive a copy. If you lose the

original, you can obtain a new ID chart by contacting the AES, who will already have all the information they

need to register your foal.


Not sure which studbook to register with? Read our in-depth guide here.


Please be aware that covering certificates are only available once all accounts are settled.

If you see 'payment outstanding' next to your mare's name, please contact the office.


This system currently only processes certificates for semen purchased in the 2017 season onwards;

please contact the office if you need a certificate for semen purchased in 2016 or earlier.