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Elite Stallions provides a free of charge semen importing service for clients wishing to use the top Stallions from Europe.  We charge you what the studs charge - they pay us for the service we offer you.   In fact you often get a better price, thanks to our early-bird discount.  

We have an easy to use online ordering and payment system with no additional charges for debit cards and no exchange rate charges, this gives clients the simplest and fastest solution for payment.  Exchange rates are updated every Monday (and more often if changers are radical) to ensure that the price you pay is the fairest.  

We have one of the most extensive list of stallions available and as the main UK and Ireland authorized agents for Schockemoehle, Böckmann, Blue Hors, Støvring Hingstedepotet, Sosath, Brullemail, Sprehe, Ludger Beerbaum Stables, and Klosterhof Medingen stallions, as well as Nijhof, De Dalhoeve and De Wiemselbach..  We can supply both chilled and frozen semen from many of our stallions on a next day basis.

We regularly visit Stallion gradings and Studs in Europe to specially select graded stallions for use on UK mares.

  • From Olympic stars to newly approved youngsters, we can help you find the right stallion for your mare, for your individual requirements and budget. 
  • We track the semen shipments and chase the couriers; we have a fast response agreed by our account managers with 2 leading courier firms and same-day drivers put into effect to correct any problems:   there's no reason not to use chilled semen.
  • All of our frozen semen is checked by qualified technicians prior to despatch to clients, so we know the semen we ship is of good quality and complies with WBFSH guidelines.
  • We have 7 years' experience working with the same studs and stallions - and can give you the most up-to-date advice as to what stallions are easy to use and which are not.  
  • You can find advice from a number of experienced AI vets in our Articles section, and details of the breeding process and the service we offer in the FAQ's section. 
  • Please visit our STALLION PAGES to see a selection of some of the stallions we have available.  These lists are far from exhaustive, and if you have a particular stallion in mind, please get in touch to see if he can be supplied.
  • You can use our search facility to help you narrow your choice, or contact us for advice on where to start!  But most importantly, please phone us - we can help and advise as little or as much as you would like.

With thanks to all the photographers who have provided images via the studs we work with:  Kiki Beelitz, Bronkhorst, Bugtrup, Digital World, Ernst, Eylers, Frielar, Feldhaus, Lafrentz, Melissen, Rau, Ridehesten, Ruschel, Schreiner, Sportfot, Racki, Guia Pavese and Wiegaarden.


See the Elite Foals website for foals and youngstock for sale from our breeders.

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