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Totilas   Totilas  

  PRICES:  Chilled: €8000 FROZEN with stu - Click Here for (Chilled) £ estimate
Frozen: €5000 (Per Dose) - Click Here for (Frozen) £ estimate
Breed: KWPN
Colour: Black
Height: 170 cms
Born: 2000
Gribaldi Kostolany Enrico Caruso
Gondola II Ibikus
Gloria VI
Lominka elite pref prest Glendale Nimmerdor Pref
Ramonaa ster
Elsa Ster Pref Prest Akteur
Wominka Ster pref prest

Best dressage horse of all time – three times World Champion, three times world record holder
Records are his trademark and seldom do we see breeding and sports records going as well together as they do in this stallion. Totilas is a living legend. He led the dressage sport to a new and until then, unknown popularity in the public eye. He alone set three world records, three records that were only broken again by him. It took him and Edward Gal only two years to get all the possible titles one could get, twice Individual Gold and one Team Gold at the World Equestrian Games 2010, Team and Individual Gold Medal at the European Championships in Windsor, winner of the World Cup 2010, and in 2011, the best horse of the German Silver Medal Team with Matthias-Alexander Rath. At the German Championships in 2012, he won the Silver Medal in the GP Special and the Kür. 
The fee is €8000 for a maximum of 3 inseminations, with €4000 refund if not in foal by 1st October. After 3 inseminations if the mare is not in foal you may be offered chilled semen from an alternative stallion from the Schockemoehle stud at a 50% discount. (Prior to 31st July when the stud closes).
Alternatively you can buy a single dose (without terms) for €5000.


Progeny of Totilas

Total Recall
€200,000 foal at auction.  


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